Update The Shipping Address Of Your Order

If your order hasn't been collected by the carrier from our factory:

We can hold the package and make any address changes as needed. In this case, contact us with your order number and new shipping address through a ticket at https://ouraringhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, and we'll update your order.

If your ring is being shipped via GLS:

If you are the consignee, you have the ability to contact GLS and change the address directly with GLS.

If your ring is being shipped via UPS:

Please be aware that once the ring has shipped, UPS will not allow Oura to make any address changes until the first delivery failure has occurred. The only options once the package is in transit are: 

  • - Hold for pick up at UPS Access Point
  • - Hold for pick up at Customer Center
  • - Deliver on an alternate day
  • - Return to sender

Alternatively, the customer (as the co-signee) can sign up for UPS online services in order to make address updates.

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