What is Moment?

Moment is Oura's mindfulness feature. Use it to meditate, practice breathing, or simply check in with yourself during the day.

When using Moment, you can choose from three different types of sessions. Those sessions are listed below.

  • Presence. A mindful meditation session. Focus on the present moment.
  • Rest. Mindful breathing. Give yourself some well-deserved relaxation.
  • Body StatusAn unguided check-in. Take a break to see how your body is holding up.

Get familiar with Moment using the video below:

What to Expect

Depending on the duration of your session, you can expect to see the following data after you've finished.

  • (1-2 minutes) - lowest resting heart rate (RHR).

  • (3-5 minutes) - lowest RHR and average heart rate variability (HRV).

  • (5-60 Minutes) - full RHR, HRV trends & skin temperature variation.

Things to Keep in Mind

- Stay still during your Moment to ensure you receive results after your session. Movement may compromise those results.

- Daytime RHR and HRV will almost always differ from your nighttime averages. The closer you come to those averages, though, the more relaxed you are.

- During Moment, Oura does not currently provide any values associated with your skin temperature variation to encourage you to monitor your trend line rather than focus on the numbers.

- When comparing Moment results, try to keep conditions consistent. For instance, try and meditate at the same time, in the same location each day.

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