How Your Activity Score & Target Are Measured

If you're looking for information on Oura's Activity metrics, try starting with this Comprehensive Activity Guide .

This guide covers the top of your Activity screen: Goal Progress, Total Burn, Walking Equivalency, and Steps.

It also covers all of your Activity contributors: Stay Active, Move Every Hour, Meet Daily Goals, Training Frequency, Training Volume, and Recovery Time

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How Is Distance Determined? 

The distance (mi/km) representing your activity goal progress is not the real distance traveled, but the equivalent walking distance of all your daily activity. It's a calorie burn target translated to a walking distance, meaning that it shows how far you could walk to burn the same amount of net calories. 

Higher intensity activities like jogging take you closer to your target quicker than low-intensity activities such as casual walking, even if the real distance traveled would be the same. 

What Counts As A "Recovery Day"? 

For Oura, a recovery day means keeping the amount of medium intensity level activity below 60 minutes and high-intensity activity below 10 minutes. In practice this means doing lots of low-intensity activities, getting healthy amounts of medium intensity activity, for example 30-50 mins of brisk walking, but only a small amount of high-intensity activity.

Where Can I Learn More About Activity?


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