The Difference Between Oura's Heritage and Balance Rings

The Oura Ring comes in two different designs: Heritage, and Balance. These designs have the same functionality and allow you to access the same metrics in the Oura app. The color options and designs are slightly different, though.

Ring Colors and Designs

Each design comes in both a black and silver finish. However, the Balance and Heritage designs each have their own unique finish in addition to these. The Heritage comes in a matte black finish, otherwise known as Stealth. This retails for $399. The Balance design, on the other hand, comes in a diamond finish which retails at $999. 

The shapes of the Heritage and Balance models differ ever so slightly. The Heritage model has a small plateau atop the ring, while the Balance has a small peak on its top. These rings contain the same functionality, no matter the difference in design or finish. Your design and finish selections are purely according to personal preference. The subtle design differences can be seen in the images below.





Balance Diamond


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