The Difference Between Oura's Heritage and Balance Rings

The Oura Ring comes in two different designs: Heritage, and Balance. These designs have the same functionality and allow you to access all the same data and features in the Oura app. The color options and cosmetic designs of Heritage and Balance slightly differ—you can get a full view of each by browsing our online store

Ring Colors and Designs

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Each design comes in both a glossy, black and silver finish. These finishes retail at $299 (€314). In addition to these options, Heritage has two other color finishes, while Balance offers an exclusive diamond finish. 

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png The Heritage design comes in both a gold and stealth finish. Heritage Cutout_Ring_Gen2_Heritage_Gold.png Gold has a glossy, gold-colored finish, while Heritage Cutout_Ring_Gen2_Heritage_Stealth.png Stealth has a matte black finish (not shiny). These retail for $399 (€419).

Icon_Tip__1_.png Please note that due to the matte coating on Heritage Stealth, its finish appears to some as more of a dark grey.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png The Balance design comes in a diamond Cutout_Ring_Gen2_Balance_Diamond.png finish which retails at $999 (€1049).

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png The shapes of Heritage and Balance differ ever so slightly—please note that the weight and thickness of all Oura Rings are exactly the same. Heritage has a small plateau on top, while Balance has a small peak. These rings contain the same functionality, no matter the difference in design or finish. Your design and finish selections are purely according to personal preference. The subtle differences between Heritage and Balance can be seen in the images below. For full visibility into all finish options (black, silver, gold, stealth, and diamond), please visit our online store





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