Oura Ring Collection

The new Oura ring comes in the three design collections: Heritage, Balance and Balance Diamond. Whatever your preference, every Oura ring has the same features and functionality.


Available colors: Black, Silver, Stealth 

Heritage pays homage to our very first ring design, the Oura community and also to the history of the ring. People have been wearing rings for millennia and the minimalist design of Heritage is our way of aligning with that history.




Available colors: Black, Silver

Oura's mission is to guide people towards better health and better performance. Oura is like a compass, showing the way. That’s the underlying theme in the design. The ridge in the middle of the ring also symbolizes balance: the balance between load and recovery.




Available colors: Silver

The crown jewel of the Oura collection, Balance Diamond is a way to bring a sparkle to your finger. The diamonds are set by an expert goldsmith in Finland, and a reflection of Finnish craftsmanship, in every aspect.


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