Can I Choose to Wear My Oura Ring Only at Night?

For those only interested in monitoring their sleep, wearing the Oura Ring at night is an option. However, if you choose to wear the ring only at night, please be aware of the potential limitations.

A few drawbacks of only wearing your Oura Ring at night are listed below.

You May Miss Out on Useful Activity Data

Oura measures activity during the day and activity plays an integral role in your sleep quality and efficiency. Through the Activity Icon_Activity.png tab on your app, Oura provides you with daily goals and inactivity alerts to keep you consistently on target toward a better balance. Healthy movement throughout the day is essential for proper nervous system stimulation, which ties directly into your Readiness and Sleep proficiency.

Something as simple as being reminded to stand up, stretch, and get your blood flowing every hour of the day can have tremendous gains in your Readiness and Sleep Scores. For Readiness in specific, keep in mind that by choosing not to wear your ring during the day, your contributors may be impacted given that Activity Balance and Previous Day Activity are two measurements that weigh into your overall Readiness Score.

Your Oura Experience May Seem Incomplete

Additionally, since Oura is tailored to you, the more you wear your ring, the more accurate your Scores will be relative to the true signals your body presents each day. By wearing your ring during the day and at night, you allow Oura to personalize your insights to the maximum degree.

By choosing to wear the ring at night, and not during the day, you may have a different experience than those who wear the ring regularly.

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