Ring Factory Reset

In some rare cases, the Oura customer care team may guide you to perform a factory reset on your Oura ring. You may also want to factory reset your ring in case you're giving it to someone else.  

Note: It's not recommended to factory reset the ring unless so instructed by the Oura support team. 

To factory reset your ring, open your Oura app and follow the steps introduced in the video below. The video shows the iOS app, but instructions are the same for the Android app.

Note: Resetting your ring to factory settings will only erase the data stored on your ring. Data history on your account that has been backed up to Oura Cloud won't be affected. 

If you prefer written text, here are the steps with screenshots:

  1. Back up your data. This is very important so that you don't lose any data the ring has collected from you. 

To back up your data, tap the app main menu and select Settings. Scroll down to 'Back up all data'.


Tap 'Back up all data' and wait for the 'Back up finished' note.


  1. After you've backed up your data, click the round battery icon on the top-right corner of the main screen. 


Swipe right to access the ring settings and tools.


Tap 'Ring factory reset'. 


Wait until the ring factory reset is finished.


After the ring factory reset, you'll see a 'Connect your Oura ring' screen. Tap Continue, and re-connect your ring with the app.


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