How Do I Connect My Ring After Reinstalling the Oura App?

Once the ring has been activated and is no longer in its factory state, you may need to connect it to the charger and reconnect it with the app again.

Trouble connecting? Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the newly installed Oura app. 
  2. Sign in using your Oura account details.
  3. Connect your ring to the charger. Follow the app instructions to pair your ring.
  4. Wait for your ring and app to connect.

If you're switching phones and installing the app on a new device, please close or delete the app from your previous device before connecting to the new one.

If you're switching from iOS to Android or vice-versa, and you're installing the app on a new device, your data history won't be transferred to the new app. To see your data history, sign in to Oura on the web.

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