Missing Sleep Data

If your ring battery level is too low when you go to sleep, your ring will automatically go to power saving mode during the night to protect the ring from battery exhaustion. When this happens, you'll see your bedtime and wake-up time, but you won't get a detailed breakdown of your sleep quality for the night.

  • If you have the new Oura ring, we recommend that the ring's battery level is at least 20% when going to bed.
  • If you have the first Oura ring, we recommended that the ring's battery level is at least 50% when going to bed.


Tips for optimizing ring battery life

  • Enabling battery level notifications in your app settings will allow your Oura app to remind you when the ring needs to be charged.


  • Instead of partial charging (from e.g. 30% to 70%), charge the ring until the battery is full whenever possible. If you have the first Oura ring, you can charge the ring daily for 10-15 minutes until the battery is full, instead of every 2-3 days.


  • A loose-fitting ring has to work extra hard to get a good signal, leading to increased battery consumption. Make sure that the ring fits snugly, without being too tight. If the ring's battery consumption feels high, try if wearing the ring in a different finger makes a difference.


  • Battery consumption can also increase if the LED bumps inside the ring are dirty. If your ring seems to consume more battery than usual, washing the ring carefully from the inside can help.
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