Editing Your Bedtime

This feature is now available on Android and iOS.

Oura detects your bedtime and wake-up time automatically. Should you ever come across a situation where the numbers given by Oura don't reflect your actual sleep time, you can manually adjust your bedtime or wake-up time in the sleep view.

Here's how to adjust your bedtime and wake-up time 

  1. Go to the sleep view and tap the editing icon above your sleep stages.


  1. Drag the sliders to adjust your bedtime or wake-up time. To finish editing, select "Done". 


 Keep in Mind:

  • You can only adjust sleep periods to be shorter, not longer. This helps ensure that your sleep data for the night is as reliable as possible.
  • Adjusting your sleep timing also affects your sleep and readiness insights for the day. After you've finished editing your sleep timing, you'll see the updated insights for the day in the home screen.
  • Sleep data older than 3 days can no longer be edited. 
  • Currently Oura shows detailed sleep staging for sleep periods that are 3 hours or longer. Similarly, the minimum duration of a manually edited sleep period is 3 hours.
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