Edit Your Bedtime and Wake-Up Time

You can manually adjust your bedtime or wake-up time in the Sleep Icon_Moon.png tab after you've woken up in the morning if you feel they're inaccurate.

Please note, this article doesn't pertain to your Bedtime Guidance (Ideal Bedtime). Your bedtime guidance is dependent on your historical Sleep data, and cannot be edited.

Check out the article on how Oura defines your ideal bedtime window if you’re curious as to how it’s determined.

Edit Your Bedtime and Wake-Up Time

To edit your bedtime or wake-up times, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Sleep Icon_Moon.png tab and tap Adjust Icon_Adjust.png above your Sleep stages.


2. Drag the sliders to adjust your bedtime or wake-up time. When finished, tap Done.


 Things to Keep in Mind

• You can only adjust sleep periods to be shorter, not longer. Typically our bodies are smarter than our minds when it comes down to determining sleep efficiency, which is why this adjustment is not permitted.

• Adjusting your sleep timing will affect your Sleep and Readiness insights for that day.

• Sleep data older than 3 days can no longer be edited.

• Oura only shows detailed sleep staging for sleep periods that are 3 hours or longer. Similarly, the minimum duration of a manually edited sleep period is 3 hours. Therefore, you won't be able to edit your total sleep time to less than 3 hours. This is because Oura needs at least two complete sleep cycles, which tend to be 1.5 hours each, to provide you with accurate and meaningful insights.

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