How Does Oura Define My Ideal Bedtime Window?

Oura takes note of nights when you've slept the longest and most efficiently. In other words, nights you've had your best Sleep Scores. After that, Oura lays out a sleep schedule that matches with these quality nights and uses it as a benchmark for your bedtime guidance.

Even for those of us who sleep well relative to others, there's always room for improvement. If you find yourself going to bed later at night but maintaining an early wakeup time, Oura will advise you to begin preparing for bed earlier to make up for lost sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, or you have an irregular sleep schedule, Oura may struggle to provide consistent bedtime guidance. To find out what’s keeping your sleep quality from being its best, keep a close eye on your Sleep insights and Sleep Score contributors, which are located on the Sleep tab.

If you're new to Oura, it will take a few weeks for your ring to get to know you. You can expect to see consistent bedtime guidance and insights after two weeks of wearing your ring.

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