Export Your Oura Data Online

Exporting your Oura data into a CSV file allows you to view comparisons between Sleep, Readiness, and Activity insights in a simple, easy-to-use format.

You can download your Oura data using Oura on the web. To do so, follow the instructions listed below.

How to Export a CSV File

1. Sign-in to Oura on the web using your Oura account details.

2. Click 'Trends' on the menu on the left-hand side.

3. Choose your desired date range using the upper timeline and dropdown menu.

4. Select the data you would like to compare using the dropdowns on either side of the chart.


5. After selecting your timeframe and metrics, click 'Download Data'.

6. Metrics to be included in the export are shown in the pop-up window. You may add more metrics using the dropdown menu.


7. Select 'DOWNLOAD' to export your data. 


When to Export a CSV File

Exporting a CSV file from Oura on the web can be useful in the case that you’d like to perform more personalized analyses on your Oura data, such as how two specific metrics (e.g. inactivity time and deep sleep time) compare with one another over time.

It can also be meaningful if you’d like to formally share your Oura insights with an outside party, such as a physician or other healthcare provider, nutritionist, therapist, or trainer.

To learn more about Oura on the web, please follow this link.

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