Oura on the Web: Exporting Your Data

The export feature in Oura Cloud allows you to combine different data sources, run statistical tests, and create your own data visualizations. You can download your data as a comma-separated value file (CSV).

Exporting a CSV

1. Sign in to Oura Cloud using your Oura account details 

2. Go to the Trends view. Choose the date range from the timeline, and the metrics you want to include in the export.


3. Once you have selected all the data you need, click Download Data at the top right of the graph.


4. The metrics that will be included in the export are shown in the pop-up window. You can add more metrics from the pull-down menu.


5. Select DOWNLOAD to export your data. 


6. Your spreadsheet will list the date in column A and the rest of your variables to the right. 


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