Import Approvals for the Oura Ring

Import Approvals (or Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity) are granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

Any products which contain a radio will need to comply with the applicable RF regulations in a particular country. In the majority of countries worldwide, this means that the product will require RF Type Approval.

Import approval is required before any product containing a radio is allowed to be sold in a particular country. Radio Type Approval requirements differ from country to country. EU or FCC certification is a prerequisite for most countries, however the vast majority have their own certification scheme and many have their own local testing requirement.

But what does this mean from Oura's point of view?

To get the full certificates, both completed type approval test reports and battery certificates are needed for each ring model and size separately.

Time to get the approvals from different countries varies a lot. In practice this means that we are allowed to start the volume deliveries only after we have received the official certificates and approvals from every country we plan to ship the Oura ring . 

Check the detailed country list here for more information.

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