Getting Started With / Setting Up Your Oura Ring

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How To Set Up Your New Ring 

Welcome to the Oura Community! Here's how to get started:

  1. Unbox your Ring, connect the USB cord to the ring charger, plug the charger into a USB power source (Like a laptop. You’ll need a power brick for wall charging). 
  2. Place the ring on the charger - making sure the three sensors on the inside of the ring are in correct position on the charger. Light should start flashing slowly. You’ll know when the ring is fully charged when the light on the charger is solid (i.e. stops "breathing").
  3. While the ring is charging, visit the App or Google Play Store on your device, and download the free Oura app.  
  4. Once your ring is charged, and you have the app downloaded to your device, make sure your device’s Bluetooth is enabled → launch the app → create an Oura account → and follow the app instructions to pair your ring with your phone. 
  5. Once paired, go to the app ‘Settings’ to set your age, height, and other personal settings. 

Remember: We recommend not using Oura with two devices simultaneously. Each ring should be connected with just one device. Your Oura account should have only one ring and app connected to it.

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What's in the Box? 

Here is what you get when you order the Ring Set


The Ring:  When you open the box, you’re greeted by your Oura Ring. Heritage or Balance. Black, Silver, Stealth, or Diamond. Whichever you choose - it’ll be there. 


The Charger: You’ll find your Ring resting on the size specific charger. Remove the charger from the box, and you’ll reveal the USB-A to USB-C power cable. Connect the cable to the charger base, place your new Ring on the charger, and plug it in to start managing your sleep!


Note: Power bricks are not included. For wall charging, an adapter or regional specific power brick is required.

Oura Quick Start Kit

Lastly, under the power cord, you’ll find the quick start guide - a simple set of instructions to help you start using your ring.

What can you expect on the first day? 

Oura starts to collect data immediately after you’ve paired it and put it on your finger.

On Your First Day You'll See Activity Data Only

During the first day, you'll see your activity data. You won't see additional data on this first day because Oura measures your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and body temperature while you sleep and hasn't collected data for these insights until you've gone to bed. 

After Your First Night, You'll Start To See Sleep, Readiness, and Body Signals

Once you've synced your ring's data after the first night of sleep, you'll get your readiness and sleep insights in the home screen. To dig deeper into your data, tap-in-app on anything you're curious about for definitions, additional graphs, and more information.  


After A Few Nights, You'll Start To See More Personal Insights

Note that some of the insights Oura gives you (readiness score, sleep balance, activity balance, HRV balance, etc.) require that the ring and app learn a bit more about you. It's because guidance related to your recovery requires data on your normal baseline values, such as your normal nocturnal body temperature and most common wake-up times. 

In practice this means that during the first weeks of use, Oura collects your baseline data. Before your baseline is fully established, some of the guidance is based more on averages for a person of the same age and gender as you. As time passes, the guidance you see will get more and more personalized. Also the trend views will become more informative the more data there is to show. Just remember to wear the ring regularly (if not all the time)!

If you happen to be sick during the first weeks of your journey with Oura, or you're unable to follow your regular daily rhythms, it will show in your baseline data for a while. After you're back to your normal routines, it will take a couple of weeks for the ring and the app to learn your normal values, such as your normal nocturnal body temperature. 


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