What's in the Box?

Here is what you get when you order the Ring Set

The Box


Oura’s simple and durable ring casing. Here you’ll find Oura’s two logos and your Ring’s information (located on the bottom).


The Ring 

When you open the box, you’re greeted by your Oura Ring. Heritage or Balance. Black, Silver, Stealth, or Diamond. Whichever you choose - it’ll be there. 


The Charger

You’ll find your Ring resting on the size specific charger. Remove the charger from the box, and you’ll reveal the USB-A to USB-C power cable. Connect the cable to the charger base, place your new Ring on the charger, and plug it in to start managing your sleep!



Note: Power bricks are not included. For wall charging, an adapter or regional specific power brick is required.


Oura Quick Start Kit

Lastly, under the power cord, you’ll find the quick start guide - a simple set of instructions to help you start using your ring.

Learn how to set up your Oura Ring with both iOS and Android

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