Oura's Crown Icon Explained

If your Sleep, Readiness, or Activity Scores meet or exceed 85 on a given day, that day will be marked with a crown icon. If you receive two 85s and an 83, for example, you'll receive two crowns. The light blue filled ellipses follow no particular order—meaning, regardless of which score(s) you receive ≥ 85 on, the subsequent number of light blue filled ellipses will appear. 

View a calendar of days where you’ve achieved crowns by tapping 'Today' at the top of your Oura Home tab. Here, you can also tap back and forth between months to see how the number of crowns you've received each month has evolved. Checking out your Oura calendar is a great way to get a rough gauge and 'zoomed-out' view on how you're doing from a holistic perspective—sleep, recovery, and movement all being considered. 


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