Total Calorie Burn and Activity

Total Burn, your total daily energy expenditure, includes all of the calories you've burned during the day whether active or resting. Oura begins calculating your total burn at 4:00 am, by logging your estimated amount of calories burned while at rest. This is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). A full 24-hour cycle, all calories burned through your daily activity are added to the sum. 

While physical activity increases your daily calorie burn, most of your total burn comes from your BMR.

Activity Burn is an estimate of your net calorie burn. It captures the calories you've burned by walking, training or doing other activities (the portion that exceeds 1.5 MET level). Tracking your activity burn can help you to balance your current activity level and calorie intake. This balance is key to successful recovery and maintaining a healthy weight.

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