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This article introduces Oura’s sleep sounds feature. Sleep sounds are available for iOS and Android users, but the feature as described below applies only to the Oura Ring Gen2. Gen3 users should refer to our Explore Tab article, instead.

What are Sleep Sounds?
How to Use Sleep Sounds
Things to Keep in Mind

What are Sleep Sounds?

Oura's Sleep Sounds is an in-app content library with audio stories and meditations, ranging from 8-25 minutes, designed to facilitate a restful night's sleep. There are also eight soothing soundscapes that can be played in the background of any selection.

Short summaries of each sleep sound are available within the Oura app.

How to Use Sleep Sounds

The Sleep Sounds feature requires an internet connection in order to begin playback.


  1. Open the Sleep Sounds library
  • From the Home Icon_Home.png tab: A Sleep Sounds card will appear on your Home Icon_Home.png tab each evening as your suggested bedtime approaches. Tap anywhere on this card to access the Sleep Sounds library. As soon as you’ve used Sleep Sounds once, this card will include the story or meditation you last listened to, as a shortcut to jump back in where you left off.
  • From the menu: At any time, you can tap the Icon_Bars.png menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab. Select "Icon_Play_Outlined.png Sleep sounds" beneath "Icon_Trends.png Trends" to access the Sleep Sounds library.


  1. In the Sleep Sounds library, select any story or meditation, or tap Icon_Info.png located to the right of each section to learn more about Sleep Sounds in general.
  • Once you tap into a story or meditation, you’ll be able to read a brief summary of that particular sleep sound. To reenter the full library after tapping into an individual session, select Icon_Library.png in the upper right-hand corner of the screen


  1. Press the pause/play button at the bottom of the screen to start or pause your session.
  • Once you begin your story or meditation, you’ll be able to start and stop the session from both your Home Icon_Home.png tab and your device's lock screen.
  1. To rewind by 15-second intervals, tap Icon_Skip_Back.png. To fast-forward by 15-second intervals, tap Icon_Skip_Ahead.png. You can move back and forth through the selected sleep sound by dragging the cursor on the timeline.
  2. To play a soundscape in the background of your story or meditation, select "Add a soundscape."
  • There are eight different options to choose from, and the volume can be adjusted by moving the cursor on the soundbar at the top of the screen. You can preview each by tapping on them. The last soundscape selected prior to exiting the menu (by tapping the Icon_Chevron_Left.png in the upper-left hand corner) will be what plays in the background.


  1. The next day, check out your Home Icon_Home.png tab for a Sleep Sounds notification informing you of any changes to your sleep latency resulting from the previous night's session.

To Toggle the Nighttime Notification Card in Home


If you decide you’d no longer like to receive the Sleep Sounds card in your Home Icon_Home.png tab as your bedtime approaches, you can turn this off by using the following steps:

  • Select the Icon_Bars.png menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab.
  • Select Icon_Settings.png Settings > "Icon_Play_Outlined.png Sleep sounds" > toggle off "Suggest sleep sounds in Home."
  • Note: you can toggle this same setting back on if you change your mind in the future.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you’re listening to a sleep sound, there’s no need to pay attention to the plot and details of the narrative—or even finish it. It’s intended to help you transition into a restful state, primed for sensible sleep.
  • Sleep Sounds are currently only available with narrations in English. However, Oura users with their apps set to other languages can still listen to the full library.
  • Your ring uses movement as one of the main measures to detect that you’re falling asleep. If you’re very still, or completely at rest while listening to a sleep sound, your ring may begin tracking your sleep latency early, which could impact your latency contributor the next day.
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