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This article introduces Oura’s newest feature, sleep sounds. Here’s what you can expect to find covered below:

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Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png How it Works Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png

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Sleep sounds is available for iOS and Android.

Sleep Sounds, ExplainedIcon_Now_Playing_3-lines.png

Oura’s introduction of sleep sounds means you now have access to a live content library inside the Oura app, equipped with tools you can utilize to create healthy habits that put your rest and recovery first. Three new stories, and three new sleep meditations are now accessible to you at any time of day within the sleep sounds library.

Here’s what you'll find in our expanded content library:

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png A mix of female and male narrators.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png A variety of story topics (i.e. journeys, visualizations, folk-tales, etc.), and meditation techniques.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Stories that range in length from 20-30 minutes, and meditations that fall anywhere between 8-25 minutes.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png The option to choose from 8 unique soundscapes to play in the background of your story or mediation, at a volume of your preference.

By selecting any sleep sound from the collection, you’ll be able to read a short summary on its contents. We encourage you to explore the sleep sounds library by tapping into multiple options, seeing if they resonate with your interests, and giving them a go! Feel free to spend a few nights trialing different options, and experimenting with various soundscapes in the background to discover your highest match quality.

How It Works Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png

Access the Sleep Sounds Library Icon_Library.png in Two Ways:

1. From Home: A sleep sounds card will appear on your Home Icon_Home.png tab each evening as your bedtime approaches. This should be visible any time during your evening hours, in tandem with your bedtime guidance card. Tap anywhere on the sleep sounds card to access the full library.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Once you’ve used sleep sounds once, this nighttime card will include the story or meditation you last listened to, as a quick way to jump back in. If you listened to your most recent story or meditation with a soundscape, this too will be saved and accessible via the nighttime card.



2. From the menu: Tap the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab. Select Icon_Play_Outlined.png Sleep sounds beneath Icon_Trends.png Trends to access the full library.

Once You’re in the Sleep Sounds Library Icon_Library.png:

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 1. Select any story or meditation, or tap Icon_Info.png located to the right of each section to learn more about sleep sounds in general.


Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 2. Once you tap into a story or meditation, you’ll be able to read a brief summary on that particular sleep sound. To reenter the full library after tapping into an individual session, select Icon_Library.png in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png To start or pause your session, select the pause/play button at the bottom of the screen.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png To rewind by 15-second intervals, tap Icon_Skip_Back.png. To fast-forward by 15-second intervals, tap Icon_Skip_Ahead.png. Similarly, you can move back and forth through your sleep sound by dragging the cursor on the timeline.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Once you begin your story or meditation, you’ll be able to start and stop the session from both your Home Icon_Home.png tab and your device’s lock screen.

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 3. To play a soundscape in the background of your story or meditation, select Icon_Soundscape.png Soundscapes beneath the short description provided in each session view.


Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png There are 8 different options to choose from, and the volume can be adjusted by moving the cursor on the sound bar at the top of the screen. You can preview each by tapping on them. The last soundscape you select prior to exiting the menu (i.e. by tapping the Icon_Chevron_Left.png in the upper-left hand corner) will be what plays in the background.

The Next Day Icon_Sunrise__2_.png

Check out your Home Icon_Home.png tab for a sleep sounds notification informing you of any changes in your sleep latency, resulting from the session you listened to the previous night. If you choose to test multiple stories or meditations to find your best fit(s), staying closely attuned to this next day feedback can provide meaningful insight into which sleep sounds are helping you achieve your sleep goals.

To Turn Off/On the Nighttime Notification Card in Home:

If you decide you’d no longer like to receive the sleep sounds card in your Home Icon_Home.png tab as your bedtime approaches, you can turn this off by using the following steps:

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Select the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Select Icon_Settings.png Settings > Icon_Play_Outlined.png Sleep sounds > toggle off ‘Suggest sleep sounds in Home’.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Note: you can toggle this same setting back on, if you change your mind in the future.


The Benefits of Sleep Sounds & When to Use Them Icon_Moon.png

In short, there’s no right or wrong way to use sleep sounds. Sleep sounds can be incorporated into your lifestyle at any time of day or night. We encourage you to discover the timing that best suits you, depending on your goals. Both stories and meditations serve a similar purpose of guiding your mind and body into a relaxed state.

Here are some benefits to sleep sounds to inspire your thinking around how to put this new feature into practice:

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 1. Wind down at night Icon_Moment_Onboarding_2__1_.png 

Sleep sounds can be a fantastic way to wind down at the end of the day to prepare yourself for replenishing sleep. If you've struggled to quiet your mind before bed, consider testing out a handful of sleep sounds over the course of 1-2 weeks in the hours nearing your bedtime. This can be done in the last hour prior to going to bed or earlier in the evening—the choice is yours.

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 2. Fall asleep Icon_ZZZ__1_.png

You can listen to any sleep sound in bed to aid in the process of falling asleep. If you choose to incorporate this method into your bedtime routine, check out your latency time (i.e. the time it takes you to fall asleep) the following day in your Home Icon_Home.png tab—you’ll receive a notification revealing your change in latency as a result of listening to the sleep sound selected.

Listening to the same story or meditation on a nightly cadence can also help to create a natural signal for your brain that it’s time to fall asleep.

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 3. Stay asleep Icon_Moment_Onboarding_1.png

With any sleep sound you select, you also have the option to listen to it with a soundscape in the background. This paired technique can create an even more relaxing experience, and block out external noise from your surrounding environment. If you’ve been prone to disruptions throughout the night due to noise or other factors, consider exploring the use of soundscapes in the background of your preferred stories or meditations, and stay attuned to any changes in your Sleep contributors via Trends.

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 4. Get back to sleep Icon_Plus.png

If you wake-up during the middle of the night and are struggling to get back to sleep within a reasonable window of time, turning on any sleep sound can be a valuable method of guiding your mind back into a peaceful state.

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png 5. Shifting mindsets for a daytime nap, or restful period Icon_Sun__1_.png

If you’re looking for a seamless way to drift into a midday nap, sleep sounds can help your mind and body switch from an alert to more tranquil state. The full sleep sounds library can be accessed at any time via the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab.

Things to Keep in Mind Icon_Checkmark_Large__3_.png

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png If you’re listening to a sleep sound, there’s no need to pay attention to the plot and details of the narrative—or even finish it. It’s intended to help you transition into a restful state, primed for sensible sleep.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Sleep sounds are currently only available with narrations in English. However, Oura users with their apps set to other languages can still listen to the full library.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png One of the main measures your ring uses to detect that you’re falling asleep is movement. If you’re very still, or completely at rest while listening to a sleep sound, your ring may begin tracking your sleep latency early. If you decide to listen to your story or meditation earlier in the evening prior to being in bed, this could impact your latency contributor the next day.

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